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Using our online catalogue

You can access your account and our catalogue online. You’ll need to accept cookies in order to use the service.

Your account

You can see your account details, renew your loans and check your reservations by clicking the login link in the header.

To view your account, once you are logged in, click the ‘My Account’ link in the header:

My account page

Click on the ‘Personal Details’ link above your account summary or the ‘Change My Details’ link in the sidebar to change details such as your email address and set up an alert when a new title becomes available.


To view your loans and renew any that are due back shortly:

  1. Select Current loans
  2. Either check the checkboxes next to the loans you wish to renew and click the Renew selections button, or click Renew all if you would like to renew all your loans. We will automatically renew all loans that can be renewed.


Your reservations are listed under the Reservations/Bookings heading

  • The first line confirms whether some of your reservations are available for collection (if at least one title is available you will be able to click on this line to see the details of your reservation).
  • The second line provides a quick overview of all your reservations still being processed (if you have at least one reservation that is not yet available you will be able to click on this line to view the details of your outstanding reservations).

Searching the catalogue

Go to the catalogue home page. Type one or more of the title, author/artist and subject you wish to search for and click Search.

The quick search box

If you need more control over your search click the Advanced search link on the search page.

The advanced search box lets you fine tune your search

When you do an advanced search you can fill in up to 4 fields. You can choose whether to do a keyword search or a phrase search:

  • Keyword search: The search engine looks for your words anywhere in the field you choose to search
  • Phrase search: The search engine looks for words in the exact order you type them anywhere in the field you choose to search

You can also choose the publication year, language, location, collection and type of material you are looking for.

Search results

We sort search results alphabetically. You can change this by clicking the Sort Set button.

You can narrow your search results by clicking the Refine Set button. This will take you to a new page where you can search for more specific results within your first search.

The Sort and Refine buttons help you organise and narrow your search

Placing reservations from search results

You can view more information about a specific search result by clicking the title of the book, DVD, game, etc.

You’ll be taken to an information page, where you can reserve the title by clicking the ‘Place reservation’ button.