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If we don't stock a title: borrowing from other library services

Note: We don't charge a fee for reserving a title, unless we need to get it from another library service.

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Borrowing titles from Cambridgeshire libraries

As part of our SPINE partnership, our customers can borrow titles from Cambridgeshire libraries’ stock for a charge of £2 per title.

You can find and reserve titles from Cambridgeshire by visiting any Suffolk Library, contacting us or through our catalogue.

If you search for a title in Suffolk and we don’t have it, our catalogue will give you an option to expand your search to include Cambridgeshire’s service.

A page with no search results

If you click this link we’ll present you with search results from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

If your search brings up some results, but not the ones you’re looking for, our results page gives you the option to expand your search to Cambridgeshire.

Expand this search to include Cambridgeshire Libraries (SPINE partner)

Note: you can’t just search Cambridgeshire’s titles. You have to search Suffolk and Cambridgeshire’s titles at the same time.

If you find the title you want, you can go on to reserve it in the normal way. You’ll receive notifications and collect it in the same way as usual.

Note: If you reserve a title from Cambridgeshire you’ll be charged £2.

Sometimes, the same title is available from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Should you place a reservation on one of these titles, you can choose which service to reserve the title from. To avoid a charge, choose Suffolk:

You can choose which service you borrow a title from

Reserving titles from other library services (inter-library loans)

If a title is not available through us or Cambridgeshire Libraries, you can suggest a title for stock or request an inter-library loan. You can do this by visiting any Suffolk Library, calling 01473 351249 or emailing help@suffolklibraries.co.uk

Let us know:

  • The name of the title
  • The author(s) of the title
  • Any additional details you have about the title (for example, year of publication or ISBN)
  • Your library card number
  • Which of our libraries you wish to collect the title from.

We will only charge you if we successfully fulfil your request.

Charges for loans from other library services

Due to the cost, we will always ask you whether you wish to extend your search to the British Library.

Reservations Costs
Loans from Cambridgeshire libraries (3 week loan period) £2
Loans from libraries other than Cambridgeshire Libraries and the British Library £5
Loans from the British Library (5 week loan period)

£15 for books

£10 for articles

+ £3.80 postage

British Library loan extension £4.65
Lost or damaged British Library books (set by British Library) £137.50