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All About… Ipswich Community Media

Written by · Published Mar 2, 2016

Hi there! Which organisation/project are you from?

Ipswich Community Media and IO radio

Could you tell us a little bit about what you and your organisation/project do?

Ipswich Community Media (ICM) is a new community interest company consisting of a group of like-minded local people who want to work with those at the margins of society to include them in the positive change and development of our community. Everyone involved in ICM has a passion for working with the most disadvantaged in our local community and a deep belief in fairness and social justice. We want to help make Ipswich and the county a better place for all and we want to do this in an engaging and creative setting.

ICM Aims through music, media, the creative arts and communication through language ICM will engage the most excluded from society: By giving a voice to the most disenfranchised in our local community the excluded will be included. We passionately believe that open access for the most disadvantaged in our community is vital for a healthy inclusive society.

At ICM we want to create a melting pot – an oasis of diversity that helps to create a culturally, economically and socially vibrant community. Exposure and access to community media, creative arts, music and language skills is a fantastic way to engage people – particularly those at the margins of society. Through this engagement, which itself is nourishing and enriching, we want to support the most disadvantaged to develop and progress through learning and volunteering. ICM aims to deliver high quality training in a digital and multi-media environment.

We currently have three mental health projects running from South Street Studios at the moment – Making your Mark – Inside Out Projects youth creative group who meet weekly, True Thoughts, a new radio project for PHOENIX and IO radio, supporting those to discuss mental health and well being , through radio and conversation and new media and an NLDC course, that uses music and radio to boost confidence and self esteem, whilst gaining valuable media and music skills.

Describe your work in three words

Community-focused, inclusive and passionate.

How can people access the help you offer?

Website: www.ipswichcm.org.uk

Facebook: Ipswich Community Media

Twitter: @ipswichcm

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who might be struggling with their mental health or wellbeing, what would it be?

To know firstly – you are not alone, you will not be the only person who feels the way you do – there really is support available and people who do want to help – feel comfortable to ask and look around as you can find the right organisation to help you.

Tell us why you think libraries are important to people’s wellbeing

They tap in to an ancient need to have a free, open inclusive and supportive space, that is free, warm and welcoming – where anyone can come and feel part of a community. Very important we say!

What is your organisation most proud of achieving in the last 12 months?

Setting up less than a year ago, 100% by volunteers, building a strong foundation to deliver projects and learning to the hardest to reach in our society, re-finding old friends and supporting the celebration of Norwich Road as the most exciting and diverse (and tastiest) streets in Ipswich!

Send us a team selfie!

This is only a part of the crew – couldn’t find one with everyone in!

What are you currently reading?

Inside the Dream Palace – the history of the infamous Chelsea Hotel in New York – it’s a cornucopian of bohemian heroes and inspiring stories, as well as a social/political history of the Big Apple!

Sarah Lungley

Sarah Lungley

I'm the mental health and wellbeing coordinator at Suffolk Libraries.