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ArtLib: Textile Art Group Suffolk

The Textile Art Group Suffolk (TAGS) consists of fourteen practising artists. Twenty years ago, creative art using textile media wasn’t as frequently encountered as it is now and TAGS were frontrunners in its rise to popularity.

One of the strengths of TAGS is the diversity of the media their members employ. In this exhibition you might find traditional tapestry weaving, appliqué, hand and machine stitching on dyed fabrics, feltwork, quilting and more.

Individual subjects are well suited to the media employed: for example, you may see Glen Gerrard’s pictures of wild women, joyfully hand stitched, and both Alison Couchman’s depiction of sinuous reflections in water and Margaret Williamson’s flowers, showing masterly handling of machine embroidery. Depictions of the moon are central to several works, for example, Amanda Warren’s constructions, which incorporate sea glass and flotsam and jetsam and Judith Chestnutt’s seascapes, created from recycled paper, which are inspired by trips to her beach hut at Southwold.