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ArtLib: Photography by Brian Beaney, FRPS

Brian is renowned for his work based on images captured on the east coast of England. He was awarded a fellowship distinction with the Royal Photographic Society in 2005 for a panel of images of coastal scenes, upon which he worked for over three hundred hours during a period of twelve months. He painted digitally with light, to create mood and atmosphere, and using imagination to epitomise the peace and tranquility of the scenes.

Brian approaches his photography from an artist’s point of view - the photograph being the source of inspiration. He alters images to improve their composition, moving and enlarging some elements, adding and expanding foregrounds, and retouching and adding atmosphere with layers in Photoshop.

Brian has been exhibited by the London Salon, who have also awarded him a medal, and as far afield as Australia and the USA. His work has been featured in several photographic publications and was used in Russia by the RPS as an example of quality required for distinctions. Recently, he had a retrospective exhibition at Wingfield Barns.

Brian also now creates abstract art using a variety of mediums, but mainly acrylics. His painting ‘Organic Abstract’ was accepted by Ipswich Art Society and formed part of an exhibition at the Ipswich Art Gallery during 2018.