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Skulduggery in Stowmarket: Introduction to self-publishing from Gipping Press

Join staff from Gipping press for discussions and advice on everything to do with self-publishing, from just getting your thoughts, memories and stories down on paper, to discovering how these first steps can be turned into a printed book with help, guidance or even under your own steam.

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Gipping Press say: โ€œSelf Publishing a book is a great way to test the water before a larger print-run but can also be a great means of sharing your story with your friends and family. We have found that a large number of our customers produce their life stories, historical account of a village, or a work of fiction with only a handful of copies the main aim. However, as people they know read and spread the word, they find themselves back at our door talking about a larger re-print.โ€

For more information, email enquiries@gippingpress.co.uk

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