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Jacqueline Beard: Crime and My Ancestors

Jacqueline Beard will be talking about her Victorian murder mysteries, The Fressingfield Witch and Vote for Murder, murder mysteries based on true Suffolk crimes.

Jacqueline Beard

Vote for Murder is set in Ipswich, where suffragist Louisa Russell finds the diary of Mary Emily Cage, executed for the murder of her husband six decades earlier. When Louisa’s next door neighbour dies in a similar manner to Cage’s husband, it’s down to Louisa to find a link and discover whodunit.

The Fressingfield Witch is set in 1890, where two mysterious deaths stir up rumours of witchcraft. The area already has a history with witchcraft, with scores of women executed in Suffolk during the 1645 trials. Can Lawrence Harpham discover who is behind the deaths while overcoming his own demons?

Jacqueline is a writer and genealogist who lives in Glocestershire and has an East Anglian ancestry going back to the 1500s. When she is not writing about and researching ‘dead people’ (as her husband puts it), she enjoys walking her border terrier and gardening.