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Skulduggery in Stowmarket: Edward Wilson: The Suffolk Spy

Edward Wilson will be talking about his spy novels, set in the Cold War and featuring rather reluctant MI6 officer Catesby. Suffolk is at the core of these novels; Catesby hails from the county, and returns there at times of trouble.

Edward Wilson

Catesby - whose bosses never forget to remind him of his 1605 gunpowder plotter namesake - is constantly caught between the lines. His father is English, but his mother is Belgian, and as a spy he faces the eternal plight of being able to pass but always feeling slightly suspect. The Catesby novels blend reality with rumour, and demonstrate how the ‘Special Relationship’ between America and Great Britain is anything but. The most recent book is the series is A Very British Ending.

Edward served as an officer in the US Army Special Forces before becoming an English literature teacher in Suffolk, where for more than 40 years he has secluded himself and worked on expunging his personal demons. His experiences led him to renounce his US citizenship in the 1980s and take a British passport.

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