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Post your bad news in Pacitti Company's Bad News Box for the Pyre Parade

Have you got bad news you want to cast off? Write your bad news on a piece of paper and place it in Pacitti Company’s Bad News Box - a sealed wooden box with a large wooden black dog, symbolising the Black Shuck. Everyone’s bad news will be burned at the Pyre Parade on Saturday 26 October.

Mental health information leaflets from Mind will also be available for anyone who needs them.

The Pyre Parade is a large-scale free community event inviting people to share and burn bad news. Participants will walk through the streets, from the Think Tank to a secret burn location near the Waterfront, wearing masks and burning herbs, before burning bad news inside a large sculpted icon. It starts at 6pm on Saturday 26 October at The Think Tank, on the High Street next to Ipswich Museum.

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