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Born Survivors: Eva Clarke with author Wendy Holden

In her book Born Survivors, author Wendy Holden tells the story of three exceptional women. While they were strangers to each other, they all survived the death camps in World War II - with their newborn babies. Eva Clarke is one of the ‘infant’ survivors and will be speaking to Wendy about her mother’s life.

Three expectant women were sent first to Auschwitz and then to a slave labour camp as the Allies closed in. Struggling to hide their condition, they endured a 17-day train journey with thousands of other prisoners to the Mauthausen death camp in Austria. Miraculously the gas chambers ran out just after the three babies were born, within days of each other, and mothers and children survived.

The women brought their babies home after the war and managed to rebuild their lives, unknown to each other. Some 65 years later, the three children met for the first time at Mauthausen, on the anniversary of their liberation. And ‘Born Survivors’ is their story.

This book is an astonishing account of fighting to survive the Nazi regime and a life-affirming celebration of our capacity to care and to love amid inconceivable cruelty.

One of those babies is Eva Clarke, who lives with her husband in Cambridge. A beautiful, elegant and articulate woman, she travels extensively sharing her story and tonight she will be in conversation with author Wendy Holden.

Born Survivors