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Volunteer for the Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge depends on the efforts of hundreds of volunteers across our libraries.

What do summer reading volunteers do?

Summer reading volunteers:

  • Help sign children up to the challenge in libraries
  • Explain how the challenge works
  • Talk to children about the books they have ready
  • Hand out rewards and incentives.

Who are Summer Reading Challenge volunteers?

We’re looking for volunteers:

  • Of all ages over 12
  • Who can ideally commit 2-8 hours per week for a minimum of six weeks over the summer holidays - if you can’t manage this but would still like to help, please speak to your local library about other opportunities.

What are the benefits of volunteering for the SRC?

Summer reading challenge volunteers:

  • Really make a difference to children’s reading and literacy skills
  • Gain experience of working with children
  • Get accredited volunteering hours for the Duke of Edinburgh award, Arts Award and Reading Hack incentives.
  • In 2015, 82% of Summer Reading Challenge volunteers nationwide felt that their skills had increased, and 78% felt like part of their community as a result of taking part
  • In 2014, the Summer Reading Challenge was found to increase volunteers’ sense of purpose, autonomy, happiness, self-esteem, motivation at school and future employment chances

To get involved, contact your local library or apply online with our Summer Reading Challenge volunteering form.

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