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Sporting Memories

Do you love talking about sport?

We’ve teamed up with the Sporting Memories Network to host six Sporting Memories reminiscence groups across our libraries from early 2018.

A man reading about sport in a newspaper

Our Sporting Memories groups offer over-50s the chance to:

  • Handle superb sporting images and memorabilia from local and national collections
  • Revisit and share memories of taking part in or watching sporting events
  • Talk about any kind of sport, from football to speedway, cricket to athletics and beyond
  • Enjoy sport-themed games, quizzes and gentle activities
  • Banish loneliness and make new, like-minded friends.

Sporting Memories Groups will run weekly at the following libraries:

Just come along to a session to find out more, whether for yourself or someone else.

People with dementia and mental health difficulties are especially welcome.