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Setting up an online reading group for children

We’re selecting titles for you to share with young readers and spark an online discussion. These are available for free from our eLibrary:

The titles – with discussion notes

Guide to setting up an online reading group

Face-to-face and video calls

You can be connected in the following ways over Wi-Fi or an internet connection if they have any of the following apps. Could you stream a session over one of the following?

  • Skype
  • Facebook messenger video or phone chat (can be used for groups)
  • WhatsApp video and phone call. You need to create a WhatsApp group with at least one other participant but then you can ‘Invite to Group via link’ for people to join which can help if you’re worried about data protection. To start a group call click on the icon.
  • Google Hangouts if people have Gmail or Google accounts
  • Telephone group calls: For a group to stay connected over the phone using a conference call system, Whypay is doing a 3-month free offer especially for coronavirus. Just set up an account, enter MONTHLY3 or ANNUAL3 at checkout, and you are given a free conference room number and you dial in.
  • Zoom is easy and free to use for group meetings lasting under 40 minutes. Just sign up, set up a ‘meeting’ and share the link to the rest of your group to join in. Zoom has also been recommended as a dementia-friendly online video communication. See the Zoomettes Guide to ZOOM and watch the How to use Zoom film
  • Closed Facebook group. You can create a Facebook group free and create a forum for discussions with likeminded people. Facebook Live allows you to video yourself. Just log into Facebook and in your closed Facebook group, click on the Live Video button in your ‘create post’ options. This is the time to use Facebook for the purpose in which it was created, as a platform to stay social and connected.