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Bumble & Snug and the Angry Pirates

by Sophie Green

Bumble & Snug and the Angry Pirates by Mark Bradley

Best friends Bumble and Snug are Bugbops - little monsters filled with big feelings! Join them on imaginative comic adventures while they encounter pirates, unicorns, ghosts and lots of other magical creatures, learning about the world outside and inside along the way. Bumble and Snug are going to have a picnic! But when they accidentally get lost, they're both cross - is their adventure ruined?

Working together to find their way home, Bumble and Snug come across a pirate treasure horde. But taking treasure that isn't yours is a good way to get into trouble, and sure enough some very angry pirates aren't far behind. Bumble and Snug are certain they can replace the treasure, and fix things to make everybody happy.

But there's another monstrous obstacle in store - and this one has tentacles!

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