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Recommended board and picture books for August

I'm Sticking with You, The Whales on the Bus, She-Rex

Unicorns and monkeys and whales, oh my! These board and picture books are perfect for reading time with your little ones.

My Favourite Unicorn by Sarah Andreacchio

In 'My Favourite Unicorn', older babies and toddlers can have lots of fun lifting the peekaboo flaps to discover what each unicorn is doing. There is a rhyme to share, recap questions and a wheel to turn. With appealing and stylish illustrations from Sarah Andreacchio, this board book is sure to focus and engage even the youngest of children.

Interactive board book and part of a new ‘My Favourite . . .’ series. Other titles feature bears and dinosaurs.

Spot's treasure hunt surprise by Eric Hill

It's a special day for Spot - and it's time to celebrate with a treasure hunt in the park! Lift the flaps and follow the clues to help Spot find his birthday surprise. Can you spot some familiar friends from the world of Where's Spot? along the way?

A brand new adventure for Spot!

Hello, friend! by Rebecca Cobb

'Hello, Friend!' tells the story of one relentlessly big-hearted and enthusiastic little girl who is insistent on befriending a certain little boy. And why wouldn't he want to be friends with her? She's very good at sharing - in fact, she insists on it, even if it's a sandwich that he doesn't like. And she's certain that being outside is their favourite thing to do, however reluctant he looks. But while he doesn't seem keen on many of the things that she loves to do, first impressions can be deceptive, and there is one thing he's very keen on after all - being friends.

I'm sticking with you by Smiriti Prasadam-Halls, Steve Small

Wherever you're going, I'm going too. Whatever you're doing, I'm sticking with you. It's wonderful to have good friends to see you through the good times and the bad. But sometimes, friends can also be a bit - well - overbearing. This is a gorgeously warm, funny book about everything a friendship can be - for anyone who's ever had a friend. From the best-selling author of Don't make me cross!

I can roar like a Dinosaur by Karl Newson, Ross Collins

Mouse might be teeny-tiny-titchy-witchy, but she's determined to show the other animals that anyone can roar like a dinosaur. With the help of her trusty 'How to Roar Like a Dinosaur' book, Mouse gets to work getting her dino-roar back, much to the bemusement of the chattering meerkat, the grunting warthog and the ruk-ruking chameleon. But what's that coming up behind them, with a really loud road? Follow-up to I am a Tiger

Ten Little Monkeys by Mike Brownlow, Illustrator Simon Rickerty

Join ten cheeky monkeys for lots of jungle fun in this rhyming counting adventure! Follow the ten little monkeys as they swing through the jungle, getting up to all sorts of mischief! On the way you'll meet all your favourite wild animals: elephants, lions, giraffes, meerkats and more!

Latest addition to the hugely popular Ten Little . . . series

Found you by Devon Holzwarth

Little Bird is on a mission: to help lonely children make friends. One day she spots Sami, a little boy in a new country, who's always playing on his own. With Little Bird's help, Sami discovers that the world is full of friends, if only you know where to look.

Beautiful debut from author/illustrator Holzwarth

Rex the rhinoceros beetle by M. G Leonard, Duncan Beedie

Deep in the rainforest, rhinoceros beetles Buster and Rex are sharing stories. Buster has so many heroic tales - Rex has never met such an amazing beetle! But with danger just around the corner, will Buster live up to his reputation, or will it be up to Rex to save the day? After all, bravery comes in all shapes and sizes.

Includes real beetle facts, from the author of the Beetle Boy trilogy and the illustrator of The Last Chip

Whales on the Bus by Katrina Charman, Nick Sharratt

Cranes on trains? Goats on boats? Dragons on wagons? Join in the fun with a host of colourful animals as they ride, soar, whizz and zoom on a whole range of exciting vehicles - from tigers on gliders to ducks on trucks. Add to that a text to read aloud to the tune of 'The Wheels on the Bus' and - what a combination! The whales on the bus ride round the town, round the town, round the town. The whales on the bus ride round the town, all day long! Jam-packed with things on wheels and a whole lot of crazy creatures, this zany adventure provides endless fun for fans of planes, trains, cars, buses and animals of all kinds!

From the team that brought us Car, Car, Truck, Jeep

She Rex by Michelle Robinson, Deborah Allwright

Maisy's brother's Ed won't let her play with his toys. He says, 'Dinos are for boys'! But Ed hasn't met T. Rex's bigger sister. She Rex is a big and burly, multi-coloured dino girly. And Maisy is about to show her brother that stomping, chomping She Rex is as fierce and as loud as any boy dinosaur. Watch out, Ed, you may just discover that dino toys are for girls and boys!

Another fun story from the author of Ten Fat Sausages and the illustrator of There Is No Dragon in This Story