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Hunt out some of our best search and find books

Where's the Narwhal?, Elmer Search and Find, Where's the Wookiee? 3

Are you finding these super-popular boredom-busters as elusive as the characters they conceal (hint: they can be classed under 793 in junior non-fiction or as picture books for older readers)? Reserve them from our catalogue to the reservation shelf.

Classic character hunts

Where's Wally: double trouble at the museum, by Martin Handford

"The ultimate search-and-find book with a twist! Join Wally for a fun day at the museum. Search for Wally and his friends amongst the amazing artefacts and exciting exhibitions. And that's not all: this book contains over 500 challenging differences to spot! A totally essential test for eagle-eyed Wally-Watchers!"

Where's the Wookiee? 3, by Katrina Pallant, Ulises Farinas & Gabrial Cassata

"Chewbacca is back for another search and find adventure! Featuring new locations to explore and characters to find as you resume your hunt for the hairy hero! Includes 10 new scenes to enjoy, plus bonus story content and fun Wookiee facts.

"In this third instalment of the bestselling series, Chewie can be found on the worlds from The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Solo, plus old favourites from the original trilogy. Visit the forests of Endor, join the battle at Maz's Castle and sneak on board the Death Star."

Where's Mickey, by Emma Drage, Maurizio Campidelli, Amy Zhing & Jenny Palmer

"Follow Mickey as he travels across the globe with a host of friends! This uniquely illustrated search and find book depicts Mickey in various stages of his artistic evolution. Perfect for Disney fans young and old, this is a great way to celebrate the 90th birthday of the world's most iconic mouse!"

Where's Pikachu? A search and find book

"Enter the exciting world of Pokémon in Pikachu's ultimate search and find. Look for all your favourite Pokémon characters as you travel around the regions. There are Ice-type Pokémon on the cold, snowy mountains and Rock-type Pokémon in Alolan caves. Plus, there's a Pikachu to spot in ever scene! Will you catch 'em all?"

Elmer Search and Find, by David McKee

"Join Elmer in a search and find adventure! Each page is jam-packed full of things to spot, questions to answer and details to discover, all from Elmer's rainbow world. Young children can search each busy scene while developing their powers of observation, visual acuity, and their number and language skills."

Who doesn't want to spend time looking for poo?

Where's the Poo?

"A group of poos has been flushed away and embarks on an epic, fun-filled adventure round the world! Search for six very special poos in every scene. From a trip to the aquarium and a day at the theme park, to a rainforest trek and a roller disco, there's so much to spot and find!"

Where's the Unicorn Poo?

"Snowdrop the Unicorn travels from fairytale kingdoms to the land of the dinosaurs, leaving little unicorn poos everywhere. Can you find each of the five poos on every spread? From outer space, to a music festival and a visit to the petting zoo, there is so much to spot and find - including Snowdrop the Unicorn!"

Where's the Dinosaur Poo?

"The dinosaur poos are causing havoc! From rainforests to supermarkets, pirate ships to football matches, they're having a roar-some time. Can you spot each of the poos in every scene, plus ten bonus items to find on every spread!"

On trend animals

Where's the Narwhal?

"Search for six narwhals - known as the unicorns of the sea - in every beautifully illustrated scene. From a trip to the museum and a day out at a water park, to a tropical beach and icy waters, there's so much to spot and find, including a bonus rainbow narwhal. Plus, see if you can find the odd animal out in fun activity pages."

Where's the Sloth?, by Andrew Rowland & Katy Lennon

"Test your spotting skills with this exciting search-and-find book. Each colourful page is filled with fun illustrations, hard-to-find sloths and extra bonus items to search for."

Where's the Llama?

"Alpaca your bags and join some cheeky globe-trotting llamas and their cacti buddies on this hilarious search-and-find adventure, full of jam-packed scenes, fun artwork, exotic locations, quirky characters and llama puns galore!"

Where's the Unicorn Now?, by Paul Moran & Sophie Schrey

"The Seven Unicorns of Rainbow Valley have become a worldwide sensation. Due to popular demand, they are off on a tour to meet their super fans. So where are the unicorns, now? Seek them out in every scene - from the bright lights of Broadway to the excitement of Rio Carnival.

"There are 17 intricately illustrated scenes to search, and seven magical unicorns to spot in every scene."

For non-fiction fans

Find Tom in Time: Ancient Rome, by Fatti Burke

"Tom's not only lost in time, he's lost his cat, too! Can you find Tom and his naughty cat, Digby, across the pages? Packed with detailed artwork, fascinating ancient Roman facts and over 100 other things to find - from a sacrificial cow to an escaping gladiator - lose yourself in ancient Rome with this interactive book!"

Catch Cat: discover the world in this search and find adventure, by Andy Council & Claire Grace

"Take a world tour as you try to catch Cat in this series of continent themed spreads with hundreds of things to spot."

London: search and find, by Klara Hawkins

"Take a trip through London in this search and find book that's bursting with things to spot and facts to discover! With hundreds of things to spot, from pigeons to tourists to telephone boxes, this book takes you through the most bustling, exciting and iconic places in London - with plenty of jaw-dropping and side-splitting facts to learn along the way!"

Elephants on Tour: a search & find journey around the world, by Guillaume Cornet

"Join the elephants on an exciting around-the-world adventure! From the skyscrapers of New York and Tokyo to the jungles of Peru and Madagascar, the elephants are off to see some of the most amazing places in the world - discovering famous buildings, food, transport and activities in each destination along the way.

"Each scene is packed with hundreds of things to find and discover - spot each of the elephants, their lost possessions, and the sights and friends they see along the way. Follow the elephants' journey and get spotting!"

Roblox: where's the noob?, by Craig Jelley & Adam Doyle

"Join Builderman, Ezebel: The Pirate Queen, Mr. Bling Bling, and other iconic characters as they journey through the imaginative worlds of Roblox on a quest to find the mischievous Classic Noob. There are over a dozen intricately illustrated game worlds to experience, including the hustle and bustle of Theme Park Tycoon 2 and the gigantic realm of Hide and Seek Extreme, as well as hundreds of things to find along the way. Will you be able to discover the noob before he causes any more chaos?"

Where's the Royal Family? A regal search and find book

"Where's the Queen in Buckingham Palace? Can you spot Harry and Meghan on their trip Down Under? Where are William and Kate in Times Square? Travel the world through intricately illustrated scenes and start searching for your favourite royals - and their corgis."