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New non-fiction for December 2019

Vegan (ish), Shadow City, Simply Good for You

7 Minute Body Plan, by Lucy Wyndham-Read

"Find just 7 minutes a day over a week and follow one of Lucy Wyndham-Read's workouts daily to shape up and feel your best self. Try her supporting recipes for even greater impact. No equipment is needed, the exercises are easy and effective whatever your body shape and fitness level, and 'yes', you really do only need 7 minutes a day."

Feel Better in 5: your daily plan to supercharge your health, by Rangan Chatterjee

"Trying to be healthy can be overwhelming - what if all it took to make a real difference was 5 minutes of your day? Ditch the pills, beat the sleepless nights, and banish the yo-yo diets. In just a few minutes, this book will kick-start your health and happiness by showing you how to incorporate Dr Chatterjee's simple daily plan into your current routine."

Lose Weight & Get Fit: 100 high-flavour recipes for dieting and fitness, by Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge tends to release his books in December to catch the 'New Year, New You' wave in January. This year is no exception.

"As a Michelin-starred chef with personal experience of dieting, Tom Kerridge knows that cooking good food is the first step on the road to both weight-loss and better performance. In Lose Weight & Get Fit he shows how you can eat well, shed the pounds and kick-start a more active lifestyle."

Simply Good for You, by Amelia Freer

Amelia is a nutritionist to the likes of Sam Smith, Boy George and James Corden.

"Bestseller Amelia Freer's new cookbook is full of delicious recipes using simple ingredients designed to both nourish and improve your health. Amelia shows you just how simple, quick and easy healthy can be. With the excellent nutritional knowledge she is known for, together with tips and nutrition hacks, she will show you it's possible to still achieve healthy food that is not only completely delicious but will nourish you when you are short of time."

Vegan (ish): 100 simple, budget recipes that don't cost the earth, by Jack Monroe

"This collection of simple, affordable recipes will encourage everyone to give vegan cookery a try. Packed with inventive, easy and 100% vegan dishes, this book suits almost everyone: whether you are looking to take the leap, want to be a little kinder to the planet, need ideas to cook for a vegan friend, or simply want to put some more plant power in your everyday cooking."

BOSH! The healthy vegan diet, by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby

Fourth book from the bestselling BOSH! duo.

"Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are going to help you eat and feel better, using only the power of plants. With 80 delicious, plant-based recipes and nourishing meal plans to help you stay on track whatever your goal, this book is your ticket to a healthy life."

And if you're not on a new year's health kick...

Shadow City: a woman walks Kabul, by Taran N. Khan

Fascinating portrait of the city and the author’s heritage.

"When Indian journalist Taran Khan arrives in Kabul in 2006, she imagines it as a return - a journey to the land her forebears hailed from centuries ago. She finds an unexpected guide in her grandfather who - despite never visiting the city - knows it intimately through books and stories, poetry and myth.

"With his voice in her head, and falling in with poets, doctors and other Kabulis, Khan uncovers a place quite different from the one she anticipated. Her wanderings reveal a fragile city in a state of flux: stricken by near-constant war, but flickering with the promise of peace, a shape-shifting place governed by age-old codes but experimenting with new modes of living.

"These walks take her to the unvisited tombs of the dead, and to the land of the living: the booksellers, archaeologists, intrepid film-makers and entrepreneurs who are remaking and rebuilding this ancient 3,000-year-old city."