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Junior Non-Fiction picks for August 2020

Three book covers side by side: Alan Turing, Health Heroes: The people who took care of the world, The Extraordinary Life of Freddie Mercury

This August, take a look at the latest in our junior fiction with extraordinary lives, saving the planet and mammoth science!

Anatomicum Junior by Katy Wiedemann, Jennifer Z.Paxton

Welcome to Anatomicum. This museum is open all hours. It will take you on an incredible journey right around the human body, from the intricate workings of the brain to the tiny muscles used to show emotion. Have you ever wondered how each life starts with just one cell, or how many blood cells there are in your body? Then this is the book for you.

The Anatomicum reworked for younger readers. Part of the Welcome to the Museum series.

Also this month is a 25th anniversary edition of Stephen Biesty's Incredible Body Cross-Sections

Mammoth Science: The Big Ideas That Explain Our World by David MacAulay

David Macaulay's troupe of curious mammoths lead you through the basics of physics, biology, and chemistry in this unconventional and highly original guide to science. From the interior of an atom to the solar system and beyond, the mammoths seek to understand the science.

These intrepid science demonstrators will go to incredible lengths to educate and entertain. They wrestle with magnets to understand their powerful force, make mammoth models of different materials to explore what gives them mass, and step into an X-ray machine to reveal the bones beneath their woolly exterior.

Health Heroes: The People Who Took Care of the World by Emily Sharratt

'Health Heroes' is packed full of true stories of healthcare workers past and present, from all walks of life and from all around the world - from Florence Nightingale and Alexander Fleming to the midwives, doctors, paramedics and carers of today. From famous names to unsung heroes, these are real people being amazing - making new discoveries, putting themselves on the front line, and helping to take care of people in need, in all sorts of ways.

The extraordinary life of Freddie Mercury by Michael Lee Richardson

Farrokh Bulsara was a young boy who loved music and was known for being quiet and kind, even when people made fun of his unusual teeth. Farrokh grew up to be Freddie Mercury, an incredible musician who could command audiences with his charisma and talent, and who would one day say that those teeth were the very reason he was able to sing with such amazing range. From his childhood in Zanzibar to the formation of rock band Queen, to their record-breaking Live Aid performance, discover the journey Freddie Mercury took to becoming one of the world's most influential musicians.

The extraordinary life of Alan Turing is also released this month

Challenge everything: the Extinction Rebellion youth guide to saving the planet by Blue Sandford

An Extinction Rebellion handbook written for and by young people, offering practical advice for the would-be peaceful activist and encouragement to everyone to act responsibly.

This month the Little People, Big Dreams series sees the addition of Aretha Franklin and the first female president of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino by Ma Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Ginnie Hsu