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Five fiendishly good Halloween-themed arts and crafts books for children

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Halloween is fast approaching. We’ve had [Halloween-themed crafts sessions across our libraries this half term, and have a few left to go this weekend, but perhaps your family is holding a Halloween party and you need to make lots of decorations together. Maybe your children were so inspired by a session you attended that they want to make more Halloween crafts. Alternatively, you might be looking for ideas of food to serve on Halloween. It might be that you need to costume together. Our Halloween-themed arts and crafts titles are here to inspire and help you.

Clare Sayer - Halloween crafts: 35 spooky projects to make and bake

You could kit out a whole Halloween party with this book, as it features instructions for making costumes, crafts and food. You could serve your guests monster pop cakes dressed as a spider, or witches’ hat-shaped cookies while dressed as an alien. If you’re bored of the same old faces, you could take inspiration from this book’s pumpkin carving ideas.

Jill Williams Grover - Scary scenes for Halloween

Another all-rounder, this book features a whopping 75 crafts and recipes. Set your table with Halloween-themed place settings, name cards, dripping candles and folded napkins, and serve your guests Dracula bow tie pasta or creamy chicken baked in a pumpkin.

Annalees Lim - 10 minute Halloween crafts

This book is a great option if you’re low on time - not only is each craft activity designed to take ten minutes, but they utilise readily available, seasonally related materials, saving you scouring the shops or spending too much money. The bat hanging, skeleton torch projection and black cat lantern sound especially good.

Ed Emberley - Ed Emberley’s drawing book of Halloween

Perhaps your child prefers to draw than make, so you’re planning to decorate for Halloween with pictures rather than objects. This book provides clear, step-by-step instructions for drawing all the usual Halloween fare - witches, bats, monsters and more. This book is designed to build your child’s confidence in their drawing, progressing from drawing individual creatures to spooky scenes.

Mymi Doniet & Benjamin Chaud - The Halloween activity book

This book has it all - crafts, costumes, recipes and lore - and it’s pumpkin-shaped!