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New children's titles for October 2021

by Sophie Green

Looking for new titles for your little people? Take a look at our brand new childrens fiction and non-fiction books for October 2021.

I'm sticking with you too, by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Steve Small

Bear and Squirrel are back! And they've found the perfect rhythm for their friendship. Until, that is, Chicken turns up. She wants in! But how will Bear and Squirrel feel about accepting a new friend? This beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated follow-up to the bestselling 'I'm Sticking with You' is the perfect book for examining how, even if new friends might disrupt the rhythm at first, the sense of belonging that friendship can bring has the potential to make your heart sing!

Little bear, by Richard Jones

On Monday, a boy finds a polar bear in his garden - only this polar bear is so small he can fit in the palm of the boy's hand. 'Are you lost, Little Bear?' the boy asks. 'Can I help you?'. Day by day the bear grows - and so does their friendship - until the boy realises that it's time for the bear to go home.

Spreading my wings, by Nadiya Hussain and Ella Bailey

On his first day of holiday camp, a little boy arrives with his bird best friend perched proudly on his shoulder, but he soon discovers that he is different from everyone else - no one else has a bird. He hides Rayf away to try and fit in but it's hard to pretend to be someone else for long. A beautiful story about finding the confidence to spread your wings and fly as your true self.

Witch in training, by Michelle Robinson and Briony May Smith

Think that being a witch is all about pointy hats, waving wands and gathering around the cauldron singing spooky songs? Well, think again. Betty's potion-making starts tonight! And potions need ingredients - ingredients that can only be found in the wild. And that is pretty treacherous. So, brave Betty, with her mum by her side, is about to come face-to-face with werewolves, trolls, sea monsters and more.

A mouse called Miika, by Matt Haig

This is a tale of mice and magic. It is also a tale of great love (of cheese) and great danger. And learning the lesson that what matters most - when it comes to cheese and life - is not how strongly you smell but how strong you are on the inside.

The lion above the door, by Onjali Rauf

Leo and his best friend Sangeetha are the odd ones out in their school. In fact, they seem to be the odd ones out no matter where they go in their small town. Leo also wonders how come he never sees anyone like him in the history books he loves to read? But on a special class trip to a nearby cathedral one day, Leo's attention is drawn to a large marble slab high above the doors of the hall, featuring a short list of names. Because right there, bang in the middle of the list, Leo finds himself staring at his own name. Hungry to understand how a name like his could feature on a slab commemorating fallen war heroes, Leo and Sangeetha begin a search, and in doing so, uncover a missing story which changed the course of history, one which needs to be put right back into its missing pages.

Beyond the mountains, by Francesca Gibbons and Chris Riddell

Miro is king, but hates it. Anneshka is no longer Queen - and hates it. When Anneshka hears a prophecy that she will rule the Greatest Kingdom, she seizes Marie, believing her to be key to fulfilling it, and heads over the mountains. Imogen and Miro chase after them, in hot pursuit. But what they find in the lands beyond will change everything again, and see them facing dangers they could never have imagined, both human and otherwise.

We are wolves, by Katrina Nannestad

When the Russian Army marches into East Prussia at the end of the war, the Wolf family must flee. Liesl, Otto and their baby sister Mia find themselves lost and alone, in a blizzard, in the middle of a war zone. Liesl has promised Mama that she will keep her brother and sister safe. But sometimes, to survive, you have to do bad things. Dangerous things. Wild things. Sometimes to survive, you must become a wolf. A story of hope, survival and the refugee experience that is both timeless and incredibly timely, and set to become a modern classic.

Great Britons: 50 amazing people who have called Britain home, by Imogen Russell Williams and Sara Mulvanny

The inspiring stories of 50 key figures in Great Britain's history, who had an impact on the ways we live, think and feel today. Throughout the centuries, the history of this small island nation has been shaped by the people who were born in Britain or arrived on its shores. From early Britons to modern pioneers, leaders, writers, athletes and activists, this country has contained a wealth of incredible talent, only made 'greater' by our history of immigration, integration and innovation.

The history of everywhere: all the stuff that you never knew happened at the same time, by Philip Parker and Liz Kay

Did you know the woolly mammoths were still around when the Egyptians built their pyramids? Or that Leonardo Da Vinci lived at the same time as Henry VIII and the Aztecs? Welcome to 'The History of Everywhere', a fascinating guide to all the stuff you never knew happened at the same time! In lively maps, see the whole world of history: from ancient times to the modern day, watch civilisations rise and fall, spot fascinating connections and coincidences, and discover the people and events you never learnt about in school.

The story of afro hair, by K.N. Chimbiri and Joelle Avelino

'The Story of Afro Hair' celebrates the fashion and styles of Afro hair over the last 5,000 years.

Dogs: understanding your very best friend, by John Bradshaw and Clare Elsom

Join Rusty, the terrier, as he goes about his day with his family. Discover how Rusty sees and mostly smells the world around him. Rusty uses his amazing nose to recognise his friends - human and dog! - it tells him where to find something tasty to eat and how to get back to his owner. Find out how Rusty's family make him feel loved and safe, when he meets new people and other dogs, or is left at home alone. After a day with Rusty, you'll know exactly how to be your dog's best friend.

The history of the world in 100 animals, by Simon Barnes and Frann Preston-Gannon

An exquisite edition of 'The History of the World in 100 Animals' by author and journalist Simon Barnes, adapted and abridged for younger readers, with superb illustrations by award-winning artist, Frann Preston-Gannon.