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Non-fiction titles for Jumpstart January 2022

Start the new year happy and healthy with Jumpstart January! Take a look at our recommended non-fiction titles, from fitness guides and recipe books to books to help improve your wellbeing.

Happy healthy strong: the secret to staying fit for life, by Krissy Cela

Fitness guru Krissy Cela wants to transform your life with her 360-degree approach to exercise, eating well and mindset, with results that really work. 'Happy Healthy Strong' is a simple and achievable plan that you can do at home, focusing on three key elements for life-long success: train your brain; fuel your life; move move move. Looking after your body and mind is the most important thing you can do for happiness and wellbeing; it means so much more than a number on the scales.

Through Krissy's tried-and-tested advice, you will feel great and get results you've never thought possible, with a programme you can stick to for life.

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The world's fittest cookbook, by Ross Edgley

From the 'Sunday Times' bestselling author and award-winning adventurer Ross Edgley, comes the definitive fitness cookbook, which will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and at your best. In a world where over 90% of diets fail, Ross decided to study the performance of extreme athletes, fitness specialists and the military to get to the bottom of which foods (and how much of them) are needed to optimise performance and reach your true potential - no pain, all gains.

Ross shares over 100 tried-and-tested dishes in 'The World's Fittest Cookbook,' a flavour-filled toolkit that will revolutionise your food prep and your weight loss.

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Mind food: plant-based recipes for positive mental health, by Lauren Lovatt

'Mind Food' is a delicious and revolutionary invitation to eating whole foods, with a mind-nourishing twist - inspired by years of research around how food can make us happy and boost our moods. Founder of Feed Your Mind Candy, Lauren Lovatt mindfully reconnects readers to the adage of 'we are what we eat' in this appetising new-wave cookbook. Focusing on hero ingredients of plants, whole grains, healthy fats, legumes, and tonic herbs, vibrant vegan recipes offer emotional balance with a splash of creativity, and a sprinkle of magic!

'Mind Food' is about connecting with yourself and the world around you, and offers a holistic toolbox of insights into how to live in sync with the world. It shares lifestyle practices that inspire new activities, and delicious sweet and savoury recipes focused on seasonal ingredients and tonics to support your brain through each life-affirming season.

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The pursuit of wellness: 12 steps to a healthier, happier you, by MaryRuth Ghiyam

Do you want to nourish your body, but don't have the time, energy or motivation to make the necessary changes? This book contains twelve easy, actionable, and inspiring steps that are specially tailored toward anyone who feels stuck in terms of their health or happiness. Including everything from simple lifestyle changes, such as how 15 minutes of sunshine a day and positive thinking can literally change your life, to bigger hacks that cover how we eat, sleep, and move, these basic but profound steps will help you to harness your energy and take back control.

Borrow The pursuit of wellness

Lose weight without losing your mind: free yourself from diet myths and food guilt, by Graeme Tomlinson

Graeme Tomlinson, AKA The Fitness Chef, has helped over a million people with his evidence based, straight-talking infographics and two bestselling weight-loss books. This mind-and-body reset will help you find a happier relationship with food, while achieving your weight-loss goals.

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Fast 800 keto: eat well, burn fat and manage your weight long-term, by Michael Mosley

Recent studies have shown that a keto diet not only produces significant weight loss, fast, but also has myriad other benefits for long term health. It is an approach that naturally compliments Dr Michael Mosley's Fast 800 programme. But it must be done the right way. Dr Mosley presents the latest science on the ketogenic diet - a diet high in fat and protein and very low in carbs - explaining how it works and why it is so good for you.

The aim of a keto regime is to put yourself into ketosis, whereby your body goes from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel. This process of 'flipping the metabolic switch' has the added advantage of making you feel less hungry, which makes the diet highly motivating and relatively easy to sustain.

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Green one pound meals: over 80 recipes that are good for you and good for the planet, by Miguel Barclay

The One Pound Chef is back and wants to help make our lives a little bit 'greener'. Whether you eat meat or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, we all now recognise the importance of doing our bit to help the planet. In 'Green One Pound Meals', Miguel brings his no-nonsense approach and shows you how to eat more consciously, with delicious, planet-friendly, healthy food on a budget. The book is packed with plenty of veggie and vegan recipes, along with some meat and fish dishes for those days when you might want something different.

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Pathways: your journey to emotional wellbeing, by Katie Columbus

Created in collaboration with psychologists and Samaritans volunteers, Pathways: Your journey to emotional wellbeing provides practical and creative ways to promote positivity and help you find your own route through your problems.

With pages for self-reflection as well as goal and routine setting, this book offers ways to achieve a sense of calm from anxiety, relief from low mood and decompression from stress, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and explore the difficult feelings we all experience from time to time.

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Positivity now: optimism, resilience, confidence and motivation, by Paul McKenna

With easy-to-use exercises and visualisation techniques, this is a practical psychological system in how to discover your own natural most powerful resources for self-care, self-belief and for taking control of your life.

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Empowered: live your life with passion and purpose, by Vee Kaitvhu

From experiencing grief and leaving her home country of Zimbabwe for the UK, to attending disruptive state schools and working long hours to support herself and her mother, Vee Kativhu has faced much adversity. But through personal experience, she has triumphed, using her experience to help underprivileged and underrepresented people from all over the world recognise their own talent and achieve their goals.

From graduating from Oxford and becoming a Harvard grad, to building an online community of over 260,000, Vee has become an icon and inspiration to young people in need of a boost of confidence, motivation and practical life advice.

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Eat more, live well: enjoy your favourite food and boost your gut health with the diversity diet, by Megan Rossi

It has never been so delicious to eat healthily. Forget cutting things out, the diversity diet is all about adding more plant-based foods into your meals, feeding your gut more fibre, adding more flavour to your plate and nourishing your body in the process. The answer is inclusion, not exclusion. Dr Megan Rossi shares everything you need to know about plant-based eating (spoiler: it doesn't have to mean only plants!), with over 80 deliciously diverse recipes, savvy cooking tips and 3 menu plans that make it easier and tastier than ever to increase your plant intake and enjoy your favourite meals.

From a hearty lasagne to raspberry and white chocolate muffins, these recipes prove you don't have to sacrifice flavour or enjoyment to hit the recommended 30 plant points a week - which includes fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices.

Borrow Eat more, live well

Doctor's kitchen 3-2-1: 3 portions of fruit and veg, serving 2 people in 1 pan, by Rupy Aujla

A brand new way of cooking delicious food, that is completely life changing. Every recipe is formulated to contain three portions of fruit and vegetables per person, serving two people and all made in one pan. That's it! Curries, Stews, Traybakes, Casseroles, Salads and more. Take the effort out of cooking and put health and enjoyment back in.

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The poetry pharmacy: tried-and-true prescriptions for the heart, mind and soul, by William Sieghart

Sometimes only a poem will do. These poetic prescriptions and wise words of advice offer comfort, delight and inspiration for all; a space for reflection, and that precious realisation - I'm not the only one who feels like this. In the years since he first had the idea of prescribing short, powerful poems for all manner of spiritual ailments, William Sieghart has taken his Poetry Pharmacy around the length and breadth of Britain, into the pages of the Guardian, onto BBC Radio 4 and onto the television, honing his prescriptions all the time. This pocket-sized book presents the most essential poems in his dispensary: those which, again and again, have really shown themselves to work.

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How to be human: the manual, by Ruby Wax

In this work, Ruby Wax tries to come up with some answers to that niggling question about who we are. With the input of a monk (an expert on our inner lives) and a neuroscientist (an expert on the brain), Ruby explores how to find happiness in the modern world - despite the constant bombardment of bad news, the need to choose between 5000 different types of toothpaste, and the loneliness of having hundreds of friends who we've never met and don't know us.

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The book of overthinking: how to stop the cycle of worry, by Gwendoline Smith

Overthinking is also known as worrying or ruminating and it's a form of anxiety that many people suffer from. Psychologist Gwendoline Smith explains in clear and simple language the concepts of positive and negative overthinking, the truth about worry and how to deal with the 'thought viruses' that are holding you back. She helps you understand what's going on in your head, using humour, lots of examples and anecdotes, and she offers powerful strategies for addressing your issues.

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