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Understanding young adults: Parenting advice

To reserve any of the following books for parents/carers raising teenagers and young adults to your local library, click on the links to reserve them from our online catalogue, visit any of our libraries, or contact us on 01473 351249 or

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Get Out of My Life ... but first take me and Alex into town, by Anthony E. Wolf & Suzanne Franks

"Teenagers are tough, and anyone who has their own, or has to spend time with other peoples', often need help. Tony Wolf and Suzanne Franks have written a witty and helpful guide to living with teenagers."

Help Your Kids with Growing Up: a no-nonsense guide to puberty and adolescence, by Robert Winston

"Covering everything from the menstrual cycle to sexting and even cyber-bullying, this visual guide to puberty and adolescence is a must-read for all parents and tweens embarking on those scary teenage years. It covers contemporary issues such as internet safety, whilst also tackling key topics such as sexuality and body image."

Sex, Likes and Social Media: talking to our teens in the digital age, by Allison Havey & Deana Puccio

"Today's teenagers are the first generation to go through adolescence online. The internet, social media and free online pornography have dramatically altered how young people interact with each other and learn about sex, yet parents have been offered little information about the new dating landscape. This book aims to fill that gap.

"Through their professional work with young people, their parents and teachers - and their experiences with their own children - authors Deana Puccio and Allison Havey know what makes today's teenagers tick. In this book, they share their experience and show you how to have positive, meaningful conversations with your teenage children around sex, social media, pornography, body image, consent and safety."

He'll Be OK: helping adolescent boys become good men, by Celia Lashlie

"In this funny, honest, no-nonsense book, Celia Lashlie reveals what goes on in the world of boys, and with clarity and insight, she offers parents - especially mothers - practical and reassuring advice on raising their boys to become good, loving, articulate men."

Living with Teenagers: one hell of a bumpy ride, by Julie Myerson

"This is the true story of what it's like to be an achingly careful parent, with hopes and dreams for your precious progeny, and what happens when those same bundles of joy grow up into adolescents stuffed full of angst, attitude, alcopops and amphetamines."

Divas & Door Slammers: the secret to having a better behaved teenager, by Charlie Taylor

"Endless arguments? Communication by grunt? Seismic sulking? Lives ruled by FOMO (fear of missing out)? Sound like your teenager?

"Behavioural expert Charlie Taylor has the answers in this practical handbook which is full of simple, effective techniques for improving your teenager's behaviour. Charlie's straight-talking, no-nonsense approach guides you away from knee-jerk parenting towards a more proactive and positive relationship with your teenager."

Ringleaders & Sidekicks: how to help your son cope with classroom politics, bullying, girls and growing up, by Rosalind Wiseman

"Drawing on 20 years of work with boys and her own experience as a mother of two sons, Rosalind helps parents to understand their tween and teenage sons better."

Whatever! A down-to-earth guide to parenting teenagers, by Jill Hines & Alison Baverstock

"Raising teenagers can test parental love to breaking point, particularly if you have previously enjoyed a close and loving relationship. This practical guide aims to help teenagers, their parents and the rest of the family by providing workable strategies that can be put into practice immediately."

Not My Child: a progressive and proactive approach for healing addicted teenagers and their families, by Frank Lawlis

"Not My Child is an insightful, compassionate and encouraging guide for families dealing with an addicted teen or child at risk of becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs.

"Psychologist and rehabilitation specialist Dr Frank Lawlis offers expert advice on detecting and understanding teen addiction; information from the latest neuroscience research on the impact addiction has on the teen brain; guidance, based on years of clinical experience, on what parents can do to help their child deal with depression, obsessive cravings and relationships damaged by the addiction."