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To reserve any of the following books for parents/carers and children about sleep to your local library, click on the links to reserve them from our online catalogue, visit any of our libraries, or contact us on 01473 351249 or

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Goodnight Everyone, by Chris Haughton

"A series of exquisitely coloured cut pages of increasing size introduce woodland families - bears, deer, rabbits and teeny, tiny mice - who are all beginning to feel really tired! 'Dear me', says Great Big Bear, 'it must be time for bed!'. But Little Bear is certainly not sleepy - he's wide awake!"

Beep Beep Time for Sleep!, by Claire Freedman & Richard Smythe

"'Beep, beep, beep!' call the tired machines after a busy day on the building site. Follow their journey through to bedtime in this charming book from author Claire Freedman."

Hush-a-bye Bunny, by Holly Surplice

"It's time for Bunny to go to bed, but he doesn't want to leave his mummy and when he gets all tearful, Mummy Bunny knows just the rock-a-bye lullaby to comfort her little one."

Silver, by Carolina Rabei & Walter de la Mare

"One spring evening, the fairies gather in the woods. Two sleepy children join in the parade to a wonderful, dream-like fairy party.

"Illustrated by bright new talent, Carolina Rabei, this Walter de la Mare poem is brought to life with shimmery, ethereal illustrations, making it the perfect book for bedtime."

Sleep Solutions: quiet nights for you and your child: from birth to five years, by Rachel Waddilove

"Most new parents expect to have sleepless nights, but are they as much an inevitable part of parenting as we expect? Rachel Waddilove shows that while broken nights are to be expected, babies can learn to sleep for longer stretches at night."

The Happy Sleeper, by Heather Turgeon, Julie Wright & Jack Sheehy

"An urgent message for sleep-deprived parents: you don't have to suffer through 'cry-it-out' parenting OR attachment parenting's 'co-sleeping'. This book shows parents how to avoid and undo cumbersome sleep habits, putting their babies and little kids on track to a full night's sleep."

The Gentle Sleep Solution, by Chireal Shallow

"The Gentle Sleep Solution shows you the powerful yet gentle way to help your baby enjoy a good night's sleep. Drawing on CBT and mindfulness, it moves away from outdated approaches to ensure that your child feels comforted, reassured and loved as they drift off to sleep."

Goodnight Songs, by Margaret Wise Brown and various artists

"A board-book edition of a collection of charming lullabies, gorgeously illustrated by 12 award-winning artists. Soothing words, quiet rhythmic poetry and diverse illustrations create the perfect bedtime-story book."

Goodnight, Mr Panda, by Steve Antony

"Mr Panda and his friends are getting ready for bed. But some won't brush their teeth, others won't have a bath, and one won't even wear pyjamas! It's down to Mr Panda to show them how to do bedtime properly."

Goodnight World, by Debi Gliori

"Goodnight ice and goodnight snow, Goodnight lights above, aglow.

"Join in the list of important things to say goodnight to - ships, animals, plants, toys and, of course, the sun - in this illustrated rhyming text, perfect for bedtime."