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Sibling rivalry

To reserve any of the following books for parents/carers and children dealing with sibling rivalry to your local library, click on the links to reserve them from our online catalogue, visit any of our libraries, or contact us on 01473 351249 or

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Stardust, by Jeanne Willis & Briony May Smith

"One little girl dreams of being a star. But whether it's finding Mum's lost wedding ring or winning the fancy-dress prize, her big sister always shines brighter.

"Yet for her grandad she is a star and, as he dries her eyes and they both gaze up at the night sky, he tells a story, the story of the beginning of the world. Everything and everyone is made of stardust, and we all shine in different ways. It's a lesson this little girl will never forget - and one day her dream comes true, and she finally realises her ambition to become an astronaut and fly up to the stars."

Bye-bye Baby Brother!, by Sheena Dempsey

"Ruby loves nothing more than playing, especially with Mum. But Mum is always so busy with Oliver, Ruby's little baby brother, and Ruby is tired of waiting. She's already looked at TONS of books, painted SO MANY pictures and she's even dressed her dog Rory in a very fetching stripy jumper. Babies are so boring. Ruby stomps out into the garden and there she begins to wonder - what if she could magic Oliver away?"

Mr Super Poopy Pants, by Rebecca Elliott

"Toby was looking forward to all the adventures he would have with his new baby brother. But Benjy can't run around, invent gadgets or fight crime. He just poops. All the time. Can Toby learn to love his little brother all the same?"

Mr Bear's New Baby, by Debi Gliori

"Mr and Mrs Bear and their woodland friends try everything to quieten the baby, but nothing works. Then her big sister has an idea."

Oliver and the Noisy Baby, by Mara Bergman & Nick Maland

"Oliver's baby sister won't stop crying. Oliver gets in his plane and travels to distant lands to get away from the noise. But Oliver wonders if back home his sister might need him? So he flies back to cuddle his sister to sleep!"

The Perfect Baby, by Tony Bradman & Holly Swain

"Lucy's new baby brother, William, is noisy and smelly, so Lucy insists he is returned to the hospital. She'd like to try another baby brother instead. But after trying a succession of babies from the New Baby Department, it dawns on Lucy that maybe baby William wasn't so bad after all."

Don't Be Horrid, Henry!, by Francesca Simon & Tony Ross

"It's a shock for Horrid Henry when Perfect Peter is born, and, despite his efforts, he can't manage to get rid of him. But the day comes when Henry finds himself saving Peter from a big fierce dog, and discovers that it is rather nice to be a hero."

Wolfie the Bunny, by Ame Dyckman & Zachariah Ohora

"The Bunny family has adopted a wolf son, and daughter Dot is the only one who realises Wolfie is going to eat them all up! Dot trieds to get through to her parents, but they are too smitten to listen. A new brother takes getting used to and when (in a twist of fate) it's Wolfie who's threatened, will his big sister Dot save the day?"