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Potty training

To reserve any of the following books for parents/carers and children dealing with potty training to your local library, click on the links to reserve them from our online catalogue, visit any of our libraries, or contact us on 01473 351249 or

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Put your botty on the potty by Sam Lloyd

Little Moo Monster is growing up and no longer happy to be in a nappy. Moo wants to be more grown-up. So the loveable monster discards the nappy and suddenly there's poop everywhere. Mum gets a potty, and Moo practises sitting on it - until finally success! Moo can progress to grown up pants - which means Moo can go to the Monster Pant Party with lots of little potty-trained (and not-quite-so-potty-trained!) friends. With lift the flaps plus great illustrations and laugh-out-loud humour, this book will be the perfect potty-training tool for all toddlers - girls and boys - and their parents.

Don't go there! by Jeanne Willis, Bragadottir Hrefna

Lid up, pants down, bottom on the seat! They mustn't have toilets in outer space, because this baby Martian keeps going in the wrong place: a bird bath, a bin, an up-turned hat. Perhaps if he masters 'The Toilet Song', he might learn where to go.

I really, really need a wee! by Karl Newson Duncan Beedie

Bush Baby is in a fix. She didn't need a wee before she left home - now she needs one right away! Uh-oh! But what will she do if there's just nowhere to go?

Why Do We Need a Potty?, by Katie Daynes & Marta Alvarez Miguens

"Follow boy and girl twins as they learn what potties are for, struggle to make their potties work, wet their pants along the way, then finally triumph. Not only do they learn how to wee and poo on the potty, they also progress to the big loo!"

Potty Superstar: perfect for potty training (Harry) and Potty Superstar: perfect for potty training (Ella), by Fiona Munro & Richard Merritt

Join Harry or Ella on their journey to becoming a potty superstar and learn all about potties, washing hands and accidents.

Skip to the Loo: a potty book, by Sally Lloyd James & Anita Jeram

"Bunny wants his potty. What will Bunny do? Only one thing for it - skip to the loo! Bunny's not the only one skipping to the loo. Look who else wants their potty! Quite a few. In vibrant, rhythmic, rhyming beats, Sally Lloyd-Jones gets the party going in a book that simply rejoices in the call of nature!"

Prince George and the Royal Potty, by Caryl Hart & Laura Ellen Anderson

"Prince George wants to go on adventures, but his nappy keeps getting in the way! It must be time for the prince to use the royal potty. But will George ever get the hang of it? This royally funny rhyming adventure will help little ones discover that life without nappies is fun!"

My Thomas Potty Book

"Say goodbye to nappies with Thomas the Tank Engine! My Thomas Potty Book will make the potty training journey painless and fun for your toddler. Thomas & Friends take you through every step of potty training. All stages are covered from choosing grown-up pants and that all-important potty, trying again and again, having accidents and learning to wash your hands, And with lots of photographs of real children, your toddler will be motivated to give it a go just like them. Thomas always tries his best, making him a great role model for potty-training toddlers."

Who's on the Loo?, by Fiona Munro & Dean Gray

"Knock, knock! Who's on the loo? Lift the flaps to find out in this hilarious board book featuring spotty, stripy, and colourful animals on their matching toilets. Delightful rhyming text and funny illustrations will make this bright board book appealing to pre-schoolers and parents alike. Every animal, from Zak Zebra to Tilly Toucan, once revealed under the flap, gives out some advice about how to use the bathroom that will serve as great reminders for children who have mastered the potty."

No More Nappies, by Marion Cocklico & Amanda Gummer

"In No More Nappies, meet Millie and Mo - two adorable toddlers who are ready to ditch their nappies and learn how to use the potty. Follow the ups and downs of their potty-training journey brought to life with fun flaps and mechanisms."

I Want My Potty, by Tony Ross

"'Nappies are YUUECH!' said the little princess. 'There must be something better!' At first she thinks the royal potty is even worse than nappies but she soon learns to love it - even if it isn't always there just when she needs it!"

I Need a Wee!, by Sue Henra & Paul Linnet

"Alan the bear has a problem. He needs a wee! But there are so many things he would rather do first. Will he make it to the loo on time? And when he gets there, will there be a queue?"

On My Potty, by Leslie Patricelli

"When you've got to go, you've got to go! But where? There comes a point in every toddler's life when the question must be raised - should I go in my potty?

"With pitch-perfect humour and pacing, Leslie Patricelli follows one baby's thoughts and hilarious actions as they learn to use the potty for the first time."

Monkey Business, by Smrit Prasadam-Halls & David Wojtowycz

"All is quiet and calm on the ark - until Charlie Chatter's potty disappears! What will the poor monkey do without it? He can't sit on the toilet - that sounds much too scary!"

Everybody Poos, by Taro Gomi

"All living things do different sorts of poo. Some are different colours, others have different smells or sizes. Some do it on land, some poo in water.

"This children's book has a no-nonsense approach to the bodily function to encourage children not to be ashamed about potty training."

Potty Training Magic: the fun way to go nappy-free fast, by Amanda Jenner

"The easy, effective and playful way to potty train - fast! Potty training is a major and exciting milestone for toddlers yet something all parents universally dread - and put off! Amanda Jenner, ITV's Toilet Training expert with decades of experience, is here to help you think differently and approach this challenge with confidence - and even with a little bit of magic."

The Calm and Happy Toddler: gentle solutions to tantrums, night waking, potty training and more, by Rebecca Chicot

"Child development expert Dr Rebecca Chicot shares with you the secrets to calm and stress-free toddler parenting. Based on her unique parent-toddler approach, she reveals that by understanding how your toddler thinks and what changes he is going through, you can respond with confidence and stop sweating the small stuff."

The Gentle Potty Training Book, by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

"The Gentle Potty Training Book is a concise guide to the toilet training process. It will help parents understand when to start the process, and provide a step by step guide to the best, most gentle and easiest approach to take, as well as how to cope with the inevitable regressions and setbacks."

Potty Training: a practical guide for parents, by Claire Cross

"Potty Training offers you a stress-free way to teach your toddler to give up nappies. This realistic, reassuring guide begins at the very beginning with recognising the signs your little one is ready to start training, then takes you through the whole process, from potty to toilet, to staying dry at night."

Potty Training, by Jane Gilbert

"Offering a host of practical suggestions to help you cope with potty training your child, this title will show you how to recognize the signs that your child is ready to move out of nappies. It includes tips from parents on how to deal with problems such as bedwetting."]