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To reserve any of the following books for parents/carers and children dealing with a new baby in the family to your local library, click on the links to reserve them from our online catalogue, visit any of our libraries, or contact us on 01473 351249 or

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Mog and the Baby, by Judith Kerr

"Mog's peaceful day is shattered when a baby comes to visit. 'Mog loves babies', says Mrs Thomas, but Mog isn't so sure!"

A Baby Sister for Frances, by Russell & Lilian Hoban

"With a new baby in the family, no one pays much attention to Frances any more, at least that is what she thinks. So Frances decides to run away. Not too far, just far enough so that she can hear how much she'll be missed, even by baby Gloria."

There's Going to be a Baby, by John Burningham & Helen Oxenbury

"When is the baby coming? What will we call it? And what will the baby do? As the arrival of a new sibling draws nearer, the questions that stream through a young child's mind are followed with sensitivity and humour in this guide to welcoming a little brother or sister."

The Bump, by Mij Kelly & Nicholas Allan

"Tender and witty, this is a wonderful celebration of a baby's arrival into the world. It is a funny and poignant book exploring a mother's joy at being pregnant that will help children understand how much they are loved."

King Baby, by Kate Beaton

"The perfect gift for any family expecting a new baby, this is a laugh-out-loud take on the joy (and exhaustion!) of having a new lovable little tyrant. All hail King Baby!

"King Baby is gracious - bestowing smiles on his public, allowing tickles and hugs, and posing for photo after adorable photo. But this teeny tiny royal ruler also has many demands, and when his faithful subjects can't quite keep up, King Baby must take matters into his own hands."

His Royal Tinyness: a terrible true story, by Sally Lloyd-Jones & David Roberts

"Marianna, the most beautiful, ever so kindest princess, lives happily with her mum, dad and gerbil. Happy, that is, until the new baby comes along.

"His Royal Highness King Baby is so smelly. He's so noisy. And all the talk in the Land is about him - non-stop, All the time! Has there ever been such a time of wicked rule?

"Told from the over dramatic, reluctant big sister's perspective, Sally Lloyd-Jones' narrative voice is brought to life by award-winning illustrator David Roberts."

The New Baby, by Anne Civardi & Stephen Cartwright

"This book is designed to introduce young children to unfamiliar situations in an amusing and friendly way. It features Stephen Cartwright's delightful illustrations, providing lots to look at and talk about. It provides an ideal starting point for young children and adults to discuss first experiences."

Sophie and the New Baby, by Catherine & Laurence Anholt

"From the authors of Going to Playgroup and The New Puppy comes this warm, reassuring picture book about the birth of a new baby and the effect this has on a young sibling."

My Sister is an Alien, by Rachel Bright

"Alfie is crazy about space. He doesn't think much about anything else, until his new baby sister comes along. Then he notices that she looks a bit funny, she talks funny and sometimes smells funny - she must be an alien! Alfie knows he must take her back to the moon where she belongs."

Changes, by Anthony Browne

"Joseph's father had said when he'd left that morning that everything was going to change. But what had he meant?

"This picture book explores the boy's state of mind as he prepares for the return of his parents with his new baby sister."

The New Baby, by Jean & Gareth Adamson & Belinda Worsley

"Topsy and Tim are always finding fun adventures in the real world, and this story is assuring for young children having first experiences of their own. Follow Topsy and Tim as their friend Tony has a new baby brother called Jack. At first Tony is a bit jealous of the new baby, but he soon learns how to be a helpful big brother."

15 Things Not to Do with a Baby, by Margaret McAllister & Holly Sterling

"Congratulations! You now have a baby in your family. Follow our top tips and you'll all be very happy!

"Don't lend your baby to a kangaroo, plant your baby in the garden, or take to school with you - and definitely don't send your baby to play with an elephant! Do cuddle your baby, read to your baby, sing to your baby and give your baby lots and lots of love."

We're Having a Super Baby, by Abie Longstaff & Jane Massey

"A little boy excitedly awaits the birth of a new sibling. When his little sister arrives she doesn't do much at first. But he knows that she's going to be special - he just has to wait. Sure enough, one day he discovers that she isn't just special - she's SUPER!"

Ruby's Baby Brother, by Kathryn White & Miriam Latimer

"Ruby's mum is having a baby, but Ruby is not very happy about it. She knows that babies are smelly and noisy, and she is sure that he will steal all her toys! When baby Leon comes along, will she change her mind about having a baby brother?"

Brand New Baby, by Bob Graham

"The Arnolds are a family awaiting the arrival of a new baby. Starting with the final days of Mum's pregnancy Bob Graham's wry and delightfully observed story chronicles the arrival of baby Walter and his effect upon the rest of the family."

Baby on Board, by Kes Gray & Sarah Nayler

"There is a baby growing inside Mum's tum. At one month, he is just a blob - at two months, he is half a piece of chewing gum long - and at three months he is as big as Mum's thumb. Watch him grow as the pages get bigger."

We're Having a Baby, by Marion Cocklico

"A practical and fun first experiences book for toddlers who are expecting a baby brother or sister - with parent and carer tips."

Lulu and the Noisy Baby: a busy book about becoming a big sister, by Camila Reid & Ailie Busby

"Lulu is the perfect character to introduce preschoolers to new experiences and here she is welcoming her new baby brother. With an accessible, warm and reassuring text and interactive flaps to lift on every page, Lulu and the Noisy Baby offers a gentle introduction to the arrival of a new baby through the eyes of the older sibling."