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How Not to Lose It by Anna Williamson

by Sophie Green

How Not to Lose It by Anna Williamson

The go-to mental health guide for kids! Exam stress? Friendship issues? Panic attacks? How Not to Lose It will help you be the boss of all of this, and more. It's not just your body that should be fit and healthy - your mind needs to be, too!

How Not to Lose It is the go-to guide for achieving a balanced mind and strong emotional well-being. With immediate, heart of the matter advice and a chatty yet honest tone, Anna Williamson addresses all of the key issues affecting children today.

Calyx Allerton-Bullard, Reading Well Project Assistant says:

Ideally suited for younger teens, ‘How Not to Lose it’ is a practical and pragmatic, but still very understanding, take on approaching CBT and general therapy. Managing your mental health before you get to the point of breakdown is vitally important and this book could be an effective guide for finding ways to work with and around various problems. I wish that someone had given me this kind of advice when I was in high school.

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