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Witchborn by Nicholas Bowling


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"It's 1577. When her mother is burned at the stake for witchcraft, Alyce flees to London. But it isn't just witchfinders she has to worry about. Powerful political forces are also on her trail, dragging her into the feud between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. As Alyce struggles to understand her own powers, she is drawn into a web of secrets, lies and dark magic that will change the fate of England."

The Tudors have always fascinated me, with their soap opera lives and rich history, so I was always going to love Witchborn.

I loved Alyce; she is a wonderfully dark main character you can never quite trust. The whole cast of characters are nuanced and even the villain is quite persuasive, so you can never really be sure whose side to be on.

The magical aspects of the book are amazing and I like the overall message about how we all have an internal conflict. This is certainly no clichéd good vs evil story.

Witchborn is a brilliant concoction of Tudor politics, magic and one heck of a gripping plot.