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Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith


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What would you do if you won big on the lottery? Would it change you or would you stay the same? Would you use the money to pay it forward and help others or to buy one of everything you have never been able to afford? Alice, Leo and Teddy are about to find out when Teddy becomes the youngest winner of the lottery after Alice buys him a ticket for his birthday.

I really enjoyed this book and I loved spending time with Alice, Teddy and Leo even when they were being annoying. Although Teddy’s lottery win is the focus of the book, Smith also explores how relationships develop, move on and change as high school comes to an end and everyone begins to pull in different directions.

As the moral core and heart of the book, there’s a risk that Alice might be too worthy and a bit dull but I never found that. I found her interesting and I was fascinated by her thought processes and viewpoint. I only hope that if I found myself in the same position as her, I would act in a similar way.

I would definitely read another book by Jennifer E. Smith and I hope she goes back to the characters of Alice, Leo and Teddy, as I would love to know what happens next.

A final question – what would you do if you won the lottery?