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Truth or Dare by Non Pratt

Truth or Dare

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I was intrigued by the cover of Truth or Dare. Although there's a blurb in our catalogue, there isn't one on the book, so I went in 'blind'. Two people tell their sides of the story, and you have to 'flip' the book halfway through.

We start with Claire, who volunteers at a neurodisability unit, through which she meets patient Kam's brother, Sef. Claire and Sef decide they need to do something to help raise funds for Kam’s continued treatment. Together, they become Truth Girl and Dare Boy, who complete challenges online for cash. Claire’s story finishes just as the challenges become bigger and more risky!

We then read the same story from Sef's perspective. Sef is prepared to do anything to save his brother. If that means taking other people down with him, making them do things they don’t want to do and making them fall in love with him, then so be it. Did I mention that he doesn’t visit his brother, he's fallen out with most of his friends and broken up with his girlfriend? Will Claire turn out to be all he has been looking for?

The book finishes with the story being told by Claire and Sef, as we learn about the consequences of their actions and see what happens at the end.

Truth or Dare is a touching story about catastrophic change to a family and how people cope with guilt. I liked how it incorporates very immediate and relevant internet-related issues. Give it a read!