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The White Hare by Michael Fishwick

The White Hare

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"Robbie doesn't want anything more to do with death, but life in a village full of whispers and secrets can't make things the way they were. When the white hare appears, magical and fleet in the silvery moonlight, she leads them all into a legend, a chase, a hunt. But who is the hunter and who the hunted?"

Robbie has a lot to deal with in his life. He lost his mum to cancer, his dad has a new partner, they have moved from London to the countryside and he seems to be seeing ghosts! The legend of the white hare leads Michael on a journey and it may just help him to discover a bit more about himself.

This is a quick read and a good 'coming-of-age' book. If you have had to deal with love, loss, jealousy and rejection, or are simply fascinated by myth and folklore, this book will have something you can relate to.