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The Penguin Lessons by Tom Michell

The Penguin Lessons

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This is a very well written book and it was a good change to read some non-fiction. Tom Michell recounts his adventures as a very young teacher of English in an international boarding school in Uruguay who saves the life of a penguin, then finds that the penguin - which he names Juan Salvador - will not leave him.

Tom has to smuggle Juan Salvador across the border from Argentina back to the school, providing real heartwarming moments, many of which make you laugh out loud.

The depiction of this co-operative penguin is comical and endearing. His impact on staff in the school and relationships with pupils, in particular those with worries and difficulties, are very moving. The book gives an accurate portrayal of school life abroad, and snippets of Uruguayan and Argentinian history add extra interest.

Recommendation: A charming and amusing true story where you learn a lot about penguins as well as enjoying a good read.