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The Electrical Venus by Julie Mayhew

The Electrical Venus

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How do you earn your keep in Georgian England - especially if you are a one armed boy, or a girl from foreign lands? Mim and Alex are part of a travelling sideshow and each of them wants to be the star of the show.

I have always had a fascination with the circus (See Flying Tips for Flightless Birds), so when this book fell into my lap, I was intrigued!

I enjoyed The Electrical Venus. I could imagine myself as a member of the audience being wowed by the power of electricity and the magic of the tightrope! But who should be the headlining act? Who should Mim love and how much should she sacrifice (‘a lady should be chaste’) to find her place on the ladder?

As Julie Mayhew herself says, if you are fascinated by how clouds form and where lighting comes from, don’t be afraid to push forward. You may have to leave what you know and make some mistakes, but you’ll always end up where you're meant to be. It’s what Mim does!