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The Challenge by Tom Hoyle

The Challenge

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The Challenge is a fast-paced, slick thriller from bestselling author Tom Hoyle.

Ben has lived in a tiny village all his life. Nothing had ever happened there until his best friend Will vanished a year ago. Grief hits Ben like a tidal wave, consuming him until twins Sam and Jack arrive.

Suddenly life is looking up for Ben, as he is drawn into their world of parties, popularity and The Challenge. At first, it appears to be a fun online game of dares but events soon take a sinister turn as Ben’s tasks grow ever more wild and dangerous. Questions from the past follow as the mystery around Will’s disappearance deepens...

Hoyle has a knack for tugging you to the edge of your seat and, once again, he shows his mastery of tension. I loved how there was a menacing tone throughout the book that slowly built to the dramatic finale.

This book was dark and captivating with twists around every corner. Even when you think it’s all over, the last page delivers one final twist.

The Challenge is a book that drags you into the drama and is packed full of secrets, dares and danger.