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Straight Outta Nerdsville (The Private Blog of Joe Cowley #4) by Ben Davis

Straight Outta Nerdsville

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Straight Outta Nerdsville is the fourth in the Private Blog of Joe Cowley series. Joe and his mates have now moved to the big city ready to take the music industry by storm. The Sound Experience is going to be the next biggest thing in music and Joe is their manager until they run into the corporate machine that is the music industry.

Saddled with an unsuitable chaperone in the shape of Joe’s dad, Joe and his friends soon realise that they’re not so much living the dream but living the nightmare. As friendships suffer under the strain of a beatboxing dad and a management company who want to turn them into the next manufactured band, is the Sound Experience’s music career doomed to failure before it’s even got off the ground?

This is a funny and entertaining book and quick read. The blog entries make a change from chapters and if you enjoyed the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and are looking for something a little more YA, then these could be your next reads.