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Second Best Friend by Non Pratt

Second Best Friend

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When Jade dumps boyfriend Rob, he tells her he only went out with her because Becky, her long-time best friend, didn’t want to. Suddenly, all Jade can see is the comparisons between herself and Becky, and she always comes off worst.

When they both go for ‘Party Leader’ in a school election, Jade discovers she will discredit Becky in any way she can, even if it means telling a terrible secret, just to be better then her this one time. She soon discovers, though, that the negative comparisons have all been in her head.

Second Best Friend is a 'super-readable' book printed on thick cream paper with a special font, allowing readers both with and without dyslexia and visual stress to enjoy it. It is a quick, pacey story of friendship, self-discovery and politics. I enjoy Non Pratt's work immensely and would recommend reserving a copy.