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[Review] One Day by David Nicholls

by The Borrowers Book Group Kesgrave Library

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This is an enjoyable and interesting book, an ideal holiday read, which plays on the emotions from laughter to tears.

Written in 2009 but beginning in 1988, it tracks the lives of the two main characters after University with a focus on the same day each decade.

Emma is a lovely, rounded character, whose sharpness and witty retorts cover her vulnerability, lack of confidence and low self esteem, and who only fulfils her potential later in the book.

In contrast to Emma is Dexter, charming but feckless, immature and self-obsessed, a not very likeable character but realistically portrayed. As Emma becomes a whole person in her own right so does Dexter begin to mature and realise the special qualities in his best friend, Emma.

Parts of the book are witty and fast paced, some very moving. There are some very good portrayals of characters and the handling of grief particularly apt and poignant.

The book has an unexpected twist at the end and then neatly folds back on itself. The ending is very sad and emotional.

Recommendation: An enjoyable choice for a book group, with wit and poignancy, humour and sadness.