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Raptor: A Journey Through Birds by James MacDonald Lockhart

A kestrel

If, like me, you’ve been known to stop suddenly, point at the sky and shout buzzard! or kestrel! to the alarm of those with you, then this book is for you. Even if you don’t, there’s still plenty to enjoy and learn in this book.

Macdonald Lockhart travels the length of the country from the Orkney islands to the southernmost point of Great Britain in search of fifteen birds of prey and the areas in which they live. Each chapter has a beautifully detailed pencil sketch of each bird of prey showing their key characteristics.

Macdonald Lockhart’s writing and style flows across the page and as he describes each bird. His style reflects the bird, whether it’s the constantly in motion hobby or the buzzard soaring on the thermals. I learnt so much about the history of these raptors and their interaction (often destructive to them) with man over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommended it to my dad, who also found it of interest.