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Perfect by Cecelia Ahern


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Perfect is the second book in Cecelia Ahern's first young adult series, set in a society that demands perfection. In the first book, Flawed, Celestine (my new favourite name!) performs an act of kindness towards one of the Flawed, and is consequently branded Flawed herself.

In Perfect, Celestine has become an evader along with the mysterious Carrick. We follow their story as they try to bring down the guild with some very incriminating footage regarding Celestine's sixth brand. Before they get to this point, though, they need to find the footage. Celestine has been told it is in her possession - she just doesn't know where! And what has happened to all the people that know about her illegal branding? By the end of the novel Celestine comes to discover "there are very special people in our lives, who have the endless capacity to love us for all our flaws."

I read Flawed last year and, as always with Cecelia Ahern, I loved it. If you are a fan of dystopia fiction (Divergent, The Hunger Games) you will enjoy these books. I would suggest that you need to read Flawed before you read Perfect.

I loved, loved, loved this book and couldn't put it down. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors and I read anything she publishes. This was a different route to her normal genre but no less gripping. Reserve a copy now and read it as soon as it arrives!