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Oscar's Book Prize 2022 shortlist

by Sophie Green

Oscar's Book Prize have announced their shortlist for the 2022 awards!

Oscar’s Book Prize is an annual prize for the best under-fives book of the year. It champions magical storytelling by authors and illustrators, best shared between young children and their parents.

The pet: cautionary tales for children and grown-ups, by Catherine Emmett and David Tazzyman

This is a laugh-out-loud cautionary tale (for children and grown-ups). Digby David wants a pet, but not just any pet - it has to be TWICE as big as Reuben's guinea pig and even better than Lily Jean's cat. Digby David's Daddy does what he's told, and soon Digby has a guinea pig, which he loves with all his heart - for half a day. Digby demands bigger and better, Daddy's hair gets greyer and greyer, and when Digby's dog gets boring too, he insists Daddy buy him - a gorilla!

Borrow The pet

The fire fox, by Alexandra Page and Stef Murphy

Freya and her mum have gone to a little cabin to get away for a while. The light has gone out of their lives since Freya's dad passed away. Freya isn't sure about going sledging, but when she meets a magical fox in the snow, she can't help but follow him into the forest - and on to a thrilling adventure.

Borrow The fire fox

The duck who didn't like water, by Steve Small

Duck is not like other ducks. Duck doesn't like water and is perfectly fine alone, thank you very much. But then, one dark and stormy night, an outgoing, water-loving, and very lost Frog turns up at Duck's door. Can this odd couple find Frog's home? And will they find friendship along the way?

Borrow The duck who didn't like water

I'm sticking with you too, by Smiriti Prasadam-Halls and Steve Small

Bear and Squirrel are back! And they've found the perfect rhythm for their friendship. Until, that is, Chicken turns up. She wants in! But how will Bear and Squirrel feel about accepting a new friend? This beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated follow-up to the bestselling 'I'm Sticking with You' is the perfect book for examining how, even if new friends might disrupt the rhythm at first, the sense of belonging that friendship can bring has the potential to make your heart sing!

Borrow I'm sticking with you too

Barbara throws a wobbler, by Nadia Shireen

Barbara is having one of those days. She has a sock problem and there's a strange pea. Then, all of a sudden, Barbara's Wobbler is out of control! But what happens when a bad mood like this comes along? Barbara has a lot to learn about the ways of wobblers in this laugh-out-loud story from Nadia Shireen.

Borrow Barbara throws a wobbler

Maybe..., by Chris Haughton

Three little monkeys, and their big monkey, are high up on their branch in the forest canopy. 'Ok, monkeys! I'm off', says the big monkey. 'Now remember. Whatever you do, do not go down to the mango tree. There are tigers down there'. Mmm - mangos! think the little monkeys. They LOVE mangos. Hmm - maybe. Maybe they could just look at the mangos? That'd be ok, right?

Borrow Maybe...

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