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Odd One Out by Nic Stone

Odd One Out

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"Courtney Cooper and Jupiter Sanchez have been best friends and neighbours since they were seven years old. And despite Courtney's best efforts to suppress it, he can't help being hopelessly in love with Jupe. But a relationship with the girl next door isn't in the cards because Jupiter has been out of the closet for almost as long as she's known Courtney.

"Then Rae Chin moves to town, and Courtney thinks he's finally found a girl he could fall for who isn't Jupiter. The only problem: Jupiter is falling for Rae, too."

Odd One Out is a well-written, entertaining, and tender story that uses an unusual and inharmonious situation to take an apt look into the lives of modern teens coming to terms with their identity. It moves beyond the tired love-triangle tropes as it examines what it means to confront the shifting labels of sexuality and finding oneself.

The characters are so thoughtfully developed and relatable that I couldn’t help but get completely engrossed by them. The story covers a range of topics such as consent, respect, LGBTQ issues, acceptance and friendship.

Odd One Out fills a hole in YA fiction and provides a wonderful way to launch discussions of themes many adults find difficult to confront.