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Nobody Real by Steven Camden

Nobody Real

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"Marcie is at a crossroads. Finished with school, but unsure what she wants to do next. Abandoned by her mother when she was tiny - but drifting further and further from her dad. Marcie is real.

"With real problems. Thor is at a crossroads too. Soon, if he doesn't make a decision, he's going to face the fade. Years ago, he was Marcie's imaginary friend - then she cast him out, back to his own world. Thor is not real. And that's a real problem. But Marcie and Thor need each other. And to fix their lives, they're going to have to destroy everything - and then build a new world."

Marcie is real, Thor is made! Nobody Real is about what happens to our imaginary friends when we send them away or forget about them.

I loved the idea of this book. What does happen to our imaginary friends when we don’t need them anymore? Do they always stay with us even when we grow out of them? This book deals with growing up, making decisions about the rest of your life, absent parents and those who look after us.

I liked this story and was fascinated by the relationship between Marcie and Thor. The possibility that a world exists for imaginary friends is compelling and it made me keep turning the pages. The use of different fonts to explain whose mind we were in was a brilliant idea.

If you're looking for a young adult novel that’s a bit different, this is one to seek out.