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My Side of the Diamond by Sally Gardener

My Side of the Diamond

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When Becky meets Icarus, a beguiling and charming young man, she instantly falls in love. But this is a different type of love; Becky becomes a different person. Once anorexic, now eating like a horse; once the daughter of strict socialist parents, now a rebel walking round with "ex-convicts".

Jazmin is 15, and homeless, just about. She was kicked out of her flat by her mum, because she was going crazy, apparently. So she goes and lives with Becky.

When Becky seemingly jumps off a building and never reaches the ground, apparently it is Jazmin's fault. Mocked by the court and judges, how can she prove what really happened?

My Side of the Diamond is set in Suffolk, making it very relatable for Suffolk Libraries customers, especially those in the Woodbridge area. Even if you aren’t from Suffolk, though, it is enthralling enough to captivate anyone!

This is a brilliant book. I completely adored it because it is really exciting and amazingly realistic.