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My Name is Victoria by Lucy Worsley

My Name is Victoria

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Miss V Conroy is quiet and good at keeping secrets. She becomes the companion to Princess Victoria, and lives under a very strict regime, the 'Kensington System', instigated by her father Sir John Conroy.

Who will ultimately win her loyalty? Her best friend/sister or her father? Miss V begins to realise she is stronger then she may seem.

I had my reservations when I first started this book but grew to really enjoy it. Rather than sticking rigidly to facts, Lucy Worsley has created an alternative universe where two girls grow to womanhood in a repressive 'protective' system but ultimately turn it to their own advantage. The ending gives a very different take on a well-known period in history and will make you curious about the real Conroy family.

If you love the history of the monarchy, My Name is Victoria promises to be an enjoyable read.