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Longbow Girl by Linda Davies

Longbow Girl

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Merry Owen is a schoolgirl who lives in the mountains of Wales. Her family can trace their heritage back to Tudor times, and the eldest male child is always a skilled and successful longbow archer. All of the eldest Owen children are boys until Merry comes along. She is nonetheless gifted with the talent of longbow archery, to the annoyance of her younger brother.

When the de Courseys (Merry’s neighbours) claim the farm that has been the Owens' for generations, Merry is determined to show the officials that the farm is rightfully her family’s. So when she goes hunting in the forest that she has explored for all her life, and finds a buried treasure hidden under a fallen tree, she believes that fate is on her side. However, inside the treasure she finds the catch of the story — that she has to go back in time in order to save her family’s farm.

Merry is brave. But is she brave enough for the adventure that is seemingly impossible?

I was instantly drawn into this book. Each character (especially Merry) was easy to relate to, with traits and habits that I could recognise in myself and others. I would recommend this for readers who enjoy adventure, but it is such a well-rounded book that it is suitable for anyone, whatever genre they prefer!

Longbow Girl is full to the brim with action, a messy romance, adventure and history.