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Lady Mary by Lucy Worsley

Lady Mary

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"'All you need to do is sign this one little piece of paper. Then everyone will leave you alone. You won't have to do anything else.'

"'What is it?' Mary asked suspiciously. She felt drained and empty. This wasn’t rescue at all. It was just some new tactic.

"'It's just a paper that says you will submit to the Act of Succession, that’s all. It's the Act of Parliament, you know, the will of the people, which outlines the inheritance of the throne. From your father, to your sister, and then to you.'

"'It should be me before my sister,' Mary said dully."

Separated from her mother, banished from her father's house, forced to work for her younger sister, made to feel unloved, imprisoned but in a luxury house, left alone with strangers she can't trust, and deprived of food, Mary Tudor is now at the lowest point in her life. Her father, Henry VIII, has declared that Mary is an illegitimate child, and divorced her mother, Catherine of Aragon. Royalty is in her blood, she will always be a princess in her mind. But without her mother, where will Mary find the courage to stand up to her enemies?

I thought this was an amazing, dramatic, thrilling book, full of suspense. It is one of my favourite books of its genre, and if you enjoy historical drama, then this is the book for you!