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I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

I Let You Go

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A woman lets go of her five-year-old’s hand and he is killed by a hit-and run-driver. Jenna escapes to a remote seaside in Wales and dares not reveal her secret to her new lover. Later her past catches up with her and things turn violent. Meanwhile two police officers will not let go of the hit-and-run case.

Although we didn't consider it great literature, everyone enjoyed reading the book. The plot contains several surprising twists that none of us expected.

We discussed the many different people in the story who let go of a person or situation, as well as the obsession of others who couldn’t. The author used to work for the police force, and as a result, the actions of the police in this novel are realistic and accurate. We thought the portrayal of abuse was convincing but some of us thought the subplot detective’s love interest unnecessary.

I Let You Go is a really good read and unputdownable.