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Goose by Dawn O'Porter


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Goose is the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes, in which confident and eccentric Renée and shy and retiring Flo form an unlikely close friendship after an event brings them together.

In Goose, we pick up with the friends who are now studying their A levels at the local grammar school. Flo is determined to get to university while Renée is trying to figure out a way to tell her she doesn't what to go. They both start to find other 'interests': Flo finds God & Renee finds men.

Just as they seem to be going in different directions, a catastrophe makes them realise they need each other more then ever. They may be going onto different chapters of their lives but they will be each other's 'Goose' for ever.

I enjoyed both Paper Aeroplanes and Goose a lot. I was 15 in the 90s, so a lot of the references meant something to me. I did like The Spice Girls and I did own a shell suit (hides face in shame!). If you are or ever were a teenage girl, you will understand everything that happens to Renée and Flo in these books.