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Celebrate Father's Day with some of our favourite titles about dads

Looking After Daddy, Hair Love

Sunday 16 June is Father's Day, so we've picked out some great books about dads to mark the occasion.

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My Daddy is a Silly Monkey, by Dianne Hofmeyr & Carol Thompson

"'My daddy is a great big bear. He gets out of bed and grumbles and grouches, scratches and yawns!'

"This charming picture book for younger children portrays a day in the life of a dad and daughter in a single-parent home, as they get up, have breakfast, go to school, go swimming, make dinner and prepare for bedtime. Dad is a great big bear, a silly monkey, a crocodile, an octopus and, at bedtime, a scary monster for a little while - but in the end it's Daddy being Daddy that the little girl loves best."

Looking After Daddy, by Eve Coy

"Jump inside the imagination of one unforgettable little girl who likes to pretend she's babysitting her daddy, when really he's looking after her! Children will adore following along as she turns the tables on her dad William, but always sees his potential. When he grows up he could be an astronaut or a lion tamer or a famous chocolate maker, but his most important job is being her Dad. (And possibly being an astronaut, if she can come too.) This uplifting tale of a stay-at-home father and his daughter is guaranteed to melt your heart."

Luna Loves Library Day, by Joseph Coelho & Fiona Lumbers

"Luna loves library day: that's the day she spends with her dad. Exploring the shelves they find magic, mystery and even start to mend their own history.

"This is an inspiring story from one of the UK's greatest up-and-coming poets for children, captured in all its flights of fancy by illustrator Fiona Lumbers."

Hair Love, by Matthew Cherry & Vashti Harrison

"It's up to Daddy to give his daughter an extra-special hair style in this story of self-confidence and the love between fathers and daughters.

"Zuri knows her hair is beautiful, but it has a mind of its own. It kinks, coils, and curls every which way. Mum always does Zuri's hair just the way she likes it - so when Daddy steps in to style it for an extra special occasion, he has a lot to learn. But he LOVES his Zuri, and he'll do anything to make her - and her hair - happy."

Mister Seahorse, by Eric Carle

"This picture book features nature's 'male mothers' of the deep, showing how fish fathers care for their eggs and babies in the most surprising of ways."

Superhero Dad and Daughter and Superhero Dad and Son, by Timothy Knapman and Joe Berger

"Dad might not have a superhero mask or wear his pants outside his trousers, but his super snores can be heard a thousand miles away, he tells super jokes and can even make super-scary monsters go away at bedtime."

I Love You, Daddy Pig!, by Lauren Holowaty

"t's just another normal day for Peppa and George. Daddy Pig takes them to the supermarket, then for lunch with Granny and Grandpa Pig, before popping in to work for a while. But super Daddy Pig makes their day anything but ordinary by adding lots of fun and excitement to everything they do."

Father's Day, by Shirley Hughes

"Katy and her little brother Olly tell us about their day with Dad. From the fun of waking Dad up in the morning, having a day together at the seaside or even stories with Dad at bedtime, this joyous tale gives readers a snapshot into a child's day and celebrates the special bond between a father and child."

I Want My Dad!, by Tony Ross

"The Little Princess is jealous - all her friends' dads can do amazing things. The Cook bakes delicious cakes: the King burns buns. The Gardener takes his daughter on adventure-walks through the forest: the King gets lost on his way to bed.

"When the Maid volunteers to do these things with the Little Princess, it looks like her problems are over. But what if she has more in common with her dad than she realises?"

My Dad is Brilliant, by Nick Butterworth

"This dad is, quite simply, brilliant! He's as strong as a gorilla, fantastic on roller skates, and can sing like a pop star! Find out what else he can do in this colourful book that bursts with appreciation for dads."