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Children's titles for Halloween 2021

by Sophie Green

Check out these spooooky children's titles for Halloween!

The very hungry catarpillar's Halloween trick or treat, by Eric Carle

Help the Very Hungry Caterpillar hunt for tasty treats this Halloween! This is an irresistible Halloween adventure with spooky creatures to count on every page and a trick or treat surprise at the end. There's so much to explore - if you dare!

Borrow The very hungry catarpillar's Halloween trick or treat

We're going on a pumpkin hunt, by Goldie Hawk and Angela Rozelaar

Three children are hunting for the perfect pumpkin to take trick or treating. But first, they've got to get through the sticky spiders' webs, the flapping bats, and then - worst of all - enter a spooky HAUNTED HOUSE! Will they find a great big pumpkin there, or the biggest surprise of the night?

Borrow We're going on a pumpkin hunt

Spooky school, by Sam Lloyd

Spooky school is open, welcome everyone! Here you'll learn to scare and creep while having lots of fun. Welcome to Spooky School! It's the scariest school around, where all the creepiest creatures come to dust off their skills and become the best they can be. Join your friends and learn how to fly like a wicked witch on a broomstick, howl like a werewolf and jiggle like a skeleton to all the best Halloween tunes. The friends you make will stay with you forever - because sometimes scaring is caring! Packed with Halloween delights from creepy spiders to stomping monsters, this brilliantly spooky and accessible board book is perfect for Halloween!

Borrow Spooky school

Gustavo the shy ghost, by Flavia Z. Drago

Gustavo is a ghost. He is good at doing all sorts of paranormal things, like walking through walls, making objects fly and glowing in the dark. And he loves playing beautiful music on his violin. But Gustavo also has a problem. He is SHY. Which means some things are harder for him to do, like getting in a line to buy eye-scream or talking to the other monsters. But Gustavo longs to be a part of something, he longs to be seen. More than anything, he wants to make a friend. So, plucking up all his courage, he sends a very special letter: 'Dear Monsters, I would like to invite you to my violin concert at the Day of the Dead party'.

Borrow Gustavo the shy ghost

Halloween party, by Adam Hargreaves and Roger Hargreaves

Mr Happy is having a Halloween party. A Halloween fancy dress party with spooky decorations, ghoulishly good treats and creepy costumes! Mr Happy is a vampire, Little Miss Magic is a witch - but who is the mysterious ghost?

Borrow Halloween party

101 spooky bums, by Sam Harper and Chris Jevons

Meet monsters, witches, ghosts and vampires in this laugh-out-loud silly picture book, packed with bums of every shape and size!

Borrow 101 spooky bums

Mason Mooney: doppelganger detective, by Searra Miller

It’s Halloween in Grimbrook, and Mason and his trusty assistant (and only friend) Iris are ready to cut loose at the Grimbrook middle school dance. But when the discovery of a haunted mirror cuts things short, Mason and Iris are on the case, ready to stand between Grimbrook and their horrible doppelgängers from the mirror dimension! Get ready for more mystery, more magic, and a shocking kiss that could shake things up for our favorite paranormal investigators forever!

Borrow Mason Mooney: doppelganger detective

Daisy and the trouble with vampires, by Kes Gray and Garry Parsons

It's Halloween and Daisy is going trick-or-treating for the very first time. In the dark, in the fog, with a vampire - armed only with a torch and some silly string.

Borrow Daisy and the trouble with vampires

Monster hunting for beginners, by Ian Mark and Louis Ghibault

Monster hunting isn't as easy as it looks. And Jack should know. Because an ogre has just appeared in his garden and tried to eat his aunt. (She was the winner of the World's Worst Aunt competition, but that's not the point). After (sort of accidentally) defeating the aunt-eating ogre, Jack finds himself apprenticed to a tiny, grumpy, 200-year-old monster hunter called Stoop and heading off to Cornwall, where more ogres are terrorising the town of King's Nooze. All he has are his wits, his catapult and a magical - sometimes unreliable - book called 'Monster Hunting for Beginners'. Not gonna lie, Jack's a bit worried he might not be the hero the residents of King's Nooze were waiting for. But then again, how many terrifying, bloodthirsty monsters can there really be out there?

Borrow Monster hunting for beginners

The bewitching of Aveline Jones, by Phil Hickes and Keith Robinson

Aveline is thrilled when she discovers that the holiday cottage her mum has rented for the summer is beside a stone circle. Thousands of years old, the local villagers refer to the ancient structure as the Witch Stones, and Aveline cannot wait to learn more about them. Then Aveline meets Hazel. Impossibly cool, mysterious yet friendly, Aveline soon falls under Hazel's spell. In fact, Hazel is quite unlike anyone Aveline has ever met before, but she can't work out why. Will Aveline discover the truth about Hazel, before it's too late? The second in a deliciously spine-tingling, spooky series, where mysteries are always solved, spirits are always laid to rest, and everybody gets to bed on time.

Borrow The bewitching of Aveline Jones

Attack of the haunted lunchbox, by James Smith

Melvin, Rhubarb, and Yoshi are on the hunt for a new mystery to write about in the Daily Donut newspaper, but little do they know, it's right under their nose - there's something spooky in the sandwiches! Soon Rhubarb and co are sure there's a ghost in her dad's cool old retro lunchbox, but when no one believes them - and the whole town is in danger - it's up to the detective duo to investigate the haunted lunchboxes all on their own.

Borrow Attack of the haunted lunchbox

How not to be a vampire slayer, by Katy Birchall

Maggie Helsby isn't afraid of spooky legends and she's willing to prove it. But when she agrees to a dare to venture into the forest, she doesn't expect to find - 1. A creepy castle enchanted against humans 2. A vegetarian vampire who wants to be her friend 3. An ancient book naming HER as the latest of the Helsby slayers! Can Maggie persuade her family, her new (human) friends and the greedy Mayor Collyfleur that their nocturnal neighbours need protecting just as much as they do? Or will her neck be on the line.

Borrow How not to be a vampire slayer

Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly spooky stories, by Jeff Kinney

Grab a flashlight, crawl under the covers, and dive into the twisted, unexpectedly hilarious world of Rowley Jefferson's imagination. You'll meet zombies, vampires, ghosts, and much more in these comically terrifying tales.

Borrow Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly spooky stories

The monsters of Rookhaven, by Pádraig Kenny and Edward Bettison

Mirabelle has always known she is a monster. When the glamour protecting her unusual family from the human world is torn and an orphaned brother and sister stumble upon Rookhaven, Mirabelle soon discovers that friendship can be found in the outside world. But as something far more sinister comes to threaten them all, it quickly becomes clear that the true monsters aren't necessarily the ones you can see.

Borrow The monsters of Rookhaven

All about ghosts, by Christopher Maynard

First published in 1977, this cult classic has been reissued for a new generation of ghost-hunters. This book is for anyone who has shivered at shadowy figures in the dark, heard strange sounds in the night or felt the presence of a mysterious 'something' from the unknown.

Borrow All about ghosts

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